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Consulting for customized training courses that work for you

Consulting for customized training courses that work for you

Consulting for customized training courses that work for youConsulting for customized training courses that work for you

New Course Announcement - 12 O'Clock High

Book a two day facilitated session based on the award winning movie 12 O'Clock High. Deemed the quintessential movie to show both good and bad examples in leadership and morale. Discuss multiple leadership types and learn which are appropriate to your business. Discover how to improve morale and determine where 'Maximum Effort' applies in your business.  This course is designed for those in leadership and works best when multiple layers of leaders attend. 

Is your organization reading a business book?

We offer facilitated sessions based on your favorite business book. The courses are designed to integrate the concepts of the book into your organization.

Need an example? If your organization is reading The Oz Principle or The Wisdom of Oz (The ultimate books on accountability), we will design a series of courses tracking the book and creating actionable behaviors and tasks for your organization.

Our services include:

Facilitated Workshops

Our business and management consultants will  work with your organization, using your examples, your people and solving your problems to create our facilitated workshops.

Relatable Content in our Workshops

 We're a business and management consultant that creates customized training workshops to fit your organizational needs. We use a dynamic facilitated style where each workshop adjusts to your team's needs.

Cultural Change

 This is where we shine.  Through our facilitated workshops we can change your dysfunctional culture. The creation of a healthy culture where empowerment and accountability thrives is a top priority in our workshops. These two concepts are key to organizational change and innovation at any level.