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Consulting for customized training courses that work for you

Consulting for customized training courses that work for you

Consulting for customized training courses that work for youConsulting for customized training courses that work for youConsulting for customized training courses that work for you

We provide a range of custom services from creating organizational excellence to changing a dysfunctional culture.


About Us

Our Approach


  We build success by getting to know you. Every organization is unique and we understand how organizational culture works. We develop success together by building the programs you need organically, from the inside, working with you, your staff, your leadership, and your culture.   

Why Us?


 Our award winning consulting team has a proven track record of solving difficult business and cultural problems. Our curriculum is customized to your organizational difficulties, needs, and goals. We're a reasonably priced consulting group that believes  we don't need to charge a fortune to ensure success. We're passionate about what we do and it shows in our long term relationships with our clients.  

About Us


  We work with organizations ranging from small businesses, manufacturers, service organizations, the military and  government agencies. Our award winning staff have helped organizations achieve World Class Excellence. We've also helped organizations move from a dysfunctional culture of intimidation to find long-term success.   

What do we specialize in?

Dysfunctional Cultures


 Resolving organizational cultural issues - If you have a dysfunctional culture in your workplace, we are the group for you. Our customized facilitated workshops focus on giving feedback to all levels of the organization. We can help you  implement cultural change, and train everyone on how to stand up to a bully or an intimidator. These are just the beginning of our services to help your organization thrive.  

Lean Improvements Kaizen


  If your organization needs to find measurable improvements and results to become more competitive and successful in today's business climate, we are here to help. Our customized workshops focus on your industry, your type of work, and your employees. We can train your managers, leads, and employees to find improvements in their daily work so you don't need consulting services for the rest of your business life.   Also,  we specialize in training without stopping the production flow.

World Class Excellence


 If you believe your organization to be World Class in many ways, but not in everything. We can help you round out the organization by helping to bring excellence to the struggling parts of your business. We can also help you to identify your core competencies, your exceptional processes, and the places where best practices and excellence thrives and can be replicated.  Also, if you're at a point where you can't get any better without help, we are your solution.


You have questions, we have answers. Drop us a note and let's get started.